Rockwood All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal 20 Lbs

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Brand Rockwood
Material Wood
Flavor Maple
Item Weight 20 Pounds
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About this item

  • 100% ALL NATURAL CHARCOAL & MADE IN THE USA: Our lump charcoal for grilling is made from Missouri-grown Oak, Hickory, Maple, and Pecan. Our hardwood lump charcoal is all-natural; no chemicals or additives have been used in its production. This also means that there are no harmful chemicals leaching into your food when you use our charcoal.
  • CHEFS APPROVE OF IT!: Our charcoal for grilling and barbecue ranks #1 on The Naked Whiz’s website. The Naked Whiz’ is a website dedicated to helping people understand and master all things charcoal. Our charcoal currently ranks #1 out of 100+ on their list for over 9 years! This is very important because it means that we have the approval of two different groups: the BBQ competition teams and Pitmasters who cook with our charcoal and the people who use it for cooking on their grills at home.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: Our slow-burning, ash-minimizing hardwood lump bbq charcoal lights easily, heats quickly, and burns boldly for juicier, more flavorful food and is great for any type of grill or smoker. Rockwood grilling charcoal is kilned to higher carbonization to burn cleaner and hotter, perfect for grilling or smoking any type of meat, fish, and vegetable. They also leave very little ash behind, which means less mess to clean up after you’re done grilling.
  • RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION: All of our kiln emissions are fired to 1500F to burn out any particulate. The “fines” (pieces too small for the bag) are sold for agricultural soil amendments (biochar), returning the carbon to the Earth.
  • GOOD-FOR-THE-ENVIRONMENT CHARCOAL BAGS: Our paper bags and soy-based inks are recyclable, landfill-safe, and won’t produce harmful fumes if burned. We’re passionate about creating products that keep our planet healthy and clean—and we know you are too! If you’re searching for lump charcoal for smoker or BBQ grill, our products are a great option.


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